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Funeral Ceremonies

The loss of a loved one is a painful and complicated time for many people. Finding the right celebrant to truly do justice to your loved one is so important. I will spend as much time as you need listening to everything you have to tell me in order to craft a unique and fitting ceremony. A ceremony which celebrates their life. This can include rituals to make it more personalised and can be tailored to meet any beliefs you have. I am happy to perform outside or indoor ceremonies and incorporate any ideas you desire. 

If you would like to explore ways to care for your loved one at home, between their death and funeral, I am able to offer information and practical support here too, as a member of Pushing Up The Daisies charity. 


Legal Wedding Ceremonies, Handfastings and Vow Renewal

I will craft a truly unique wedding, handfasting or vow renewal ceremony for you both. The only limit is your imagination! With love threaded through every word of your ceremony, you will go on a beautiful journey which will be unforgettable. You may know exactly where and how you want to get celebrate. You may need a few ideas. Either way we can create a vibrant, meaningful and bespoke day for you both, incorporating significant rituals which help you (and any other important guests) really participate in this magical occasion. Your ceremony will be creative, authentic, heartfelt and truly meaningful. It will be a solid foundation from which you can build a flourishing relationship.  I am happy to arrange a no obligation, free, initial meeting. And don't worry, I am authorised to conduct legal weddings, as on ordained celebrant for Open Sanctuary!


Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies aren't just for babies! So many people say to me that they wished they had arranged a naming ceremony for their baby. I can help you have a unique and meaningful naming ceremony for any age child. Siblings can all be named in the same ceremony too. Why not make a real family occasion of it? Naming ceremonies are also for anyone who wants to recognise a new name, for example if you are transgender or have changed you name by deed poll. Celebrate your new identity!


Other Ceremonies and Healing Work

If you would like to discuss a parting of the ways ceremony, coming of age ceremony, menarche, blessingway, wise crone, a house warming, a memorial, forgiveness, perimenopause, cord cutting, a funeral for a pet or any other type of ceremony, I would be delighted to work with you to design just what you require. I am passionate about all rites of passage and I love creating things which are symbolic and healing to those participating. Humans have marked their rites for thousands of years and I believe it is important to keep doing so, especially in our modern world, when we can easily become disconnected from our deepest needs. 


Women's Circles and Women's Retreats 

I hold two Women's Circles each month. There is an evening offering at the full moon and a morning offering on the last Thursday of each month. These are both in my home in Abernethy, Perthshire.  I hold these circles for women to come together in a safe, shared space, to support one another. We explore a new theme each month, take a relaxed mediation together and speak without judgement about ourselves. A beautiful addition to your self-care. Please contact me to join either group. From time to time, I also run Women's Retreats. 

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