My name is Rachel. As a wife, mother to three children, writer, creator and a part time museum curator, I wear many hats. However, I have come to the conclusion that in one way or another the universe has also called me to be a celebrant. I have always been fascinated by people, heritage and tradition. At the University of St Andrews, I studied Ancient History and Archaeology. I then trained as a professional museum curator and worked in this field for a number of years. I then moved to an amazing role as a professional charity fundraiser for a children's hospice charity. This really was the catalyst for thinking about becoming a celebrant. Tomorrow is never promised for any of us, but we can certainly make the most of today. Marking this through ceremonies seemed to me to be the most fulfilling work I could do.

In April 2019, I travelled to Cumbria to train with the experienced and talented Veronika Robinson from Heart-Led Ceremonies. I was delighted to discover that being a celebrant suits me perfectly. I love the creativity and working with people. I subsequently gained my Advanced Certificate of Celebrancy and Ritual with Veronika later the same year. I am also secretary of the Scottish Independent Celebrants' Association (SICA), which allows me to remain truly independent whilst being part of a professional body. Finally, I am also a writer for Outrageous Bride, a magazine which celebrates all that is quirky and wonderful in the world of weddings!

My love of heritage shines through in my style. I also love colours, patterns and textures - presumably from my distant Indian heritage. 

I hope that you will love my work too! 

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