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My name is Rachel. As a wife, mother to three children, writer, creator, reverend, cat owner and and historian, I wear many hats. However, I have come to the conclusion that, in one way or another, the Universe has also called me to become a sacred celebrant. I have always been fascinated by people, heritage and tradition. At the University of St Andrews, I studied Ancient History and Archaeology. I then trained as a professional museum curator and worked in this field for a number of years. I then moved to an amazing role as a professional charity fundraiser for a children's hospice charity. This really was the catalyst for becoming a celebrant. Tomorrow is never promised for any of us, but we can certainly make the most of today. Marking this through ceremonies seemed to me to be the most fulfilling work I could do.

So, a few years ago, I travelled to Cumbria to train with the experienced and talented Veronika Robinson from Heart-Led Ceremonies. I was delighted to discover that being a celebrant suits me perfectly. I love the creativity and working with people. I subsequently gained my Advanced Certificate of Celebrancy and Ritual with Veronika later the same year. 

In 2023 I was ordained with a wonderful body which encompasses all spirituality, called Open Sanctuary. To me, being a Reverend is not about trying to convert or persuade anyone to take up a spiritual life. It is very much about using the qualities that I take from my personal beliefs, out into the community. These are love, compassion, non-judgment, humility and careful listening. These are what help us to build the most meaningful ceremonies, both to celebrate and to grieve and heal.


I am also a member of the Scottish Independent Celebrants' Association (SICA), allowing me to be part of a professional body and fully insured. I have also trained with Pushing Up The Daisies, an incredible charity helping to bring death home. I am a huge advocate of caring for your dead loved one at home, between death and their funeral, allowing you to grieve more naturally. I am also now taking the beautiful path to becoming a Soul Midwife, helping those approaching their last breath to do so with love and without fear.  

I believe in the healing power of ceremony and assist friends and clients to work through traumas and difficult experiences to bring freedom and a fresh start, using individually designed ceremonies. 


I love to write and have had various articles published, including for Outrageous Bride, a magazine which celebrates all that is quirky and wonderful in the world of weddings! Also, in The Celebrant magazine, which explores creative and meaningful ways to approach ceremony, around the world. 

My love of culture and heritage shines through in my style. I work joyfully with colours, patterns and textures - presumably from my distant Indian heritage. I am hugely inspired by Mother Nature and the Moon, being guided by the seasons and the elements, delighting in the energy to be found around us naturally. If I can, I like to appeal to all the senses when I'm designing ceremony. It is by being fully immersed, that we truly gain the transformation we need during our rites of passage. 

I hope that you will love my work too! 

With love and cheery blessings

Rev Rachel xxx

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